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Mary by sticklett Series 2 Upgrade (verbesserte Ladefunktionalität)

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MARY by sticklett
  • An e-health wearable as a ladybird
  • worldwide access from smartphone to MARY
  • including free smartphone APP
  • Quality from Austria
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Das Upgrade umfasst die Adaption der Mary by sticklett smart Fashion Vitalmonitoring Version SS A10 (Sende-/Empfänger Station mit grünem Kreis und Kleeblatt) auf Version SS A10 S2 mit verbesserter Ladefunktionalität für die Sensoreinheit im Marienkäfer.

Das Upgrade kann nur auf einen bereits getätigten Kauf der Mary by sticklett smart Fashion Vitalmonitoring Version SS A10 durchgeführt werden.

Nach Kaufabschluss wird ein frankiertes Rücksendelabel für die Sende-/Empfänger Station per Email gesendet. Du verpackst deine grüne Mary by sticklett Sende-/Empfänger Station inklusive Marienkäfer geschützt in einen Karton und sendest sie zu uns. Nach Erhalt des Pakets wird das Upgrade für dich durchgeführt und die adaptierte Station wird wieder an dich retour gesendet.


Achtung: Für Upgrades außerhalb von Österreich fallen einmalig beim Kauf Versandgebühren für die Lieferung der adaptierten Station an. Die Rücklieferung an uns ist für dich kostenlos.

Our research showed that physical contact and the position of the measuring device on the body determine the accuracy of the measured values.

Attachments using adhesive strips and straps are not suitable for children and are unthinkable for us. Attaching to traditional clothing or diapers that loosely fit the body is too prone to errors.

Based on this achievement, we chose the approach in combination with sleepwear and underwear that includes a special pattern construction so that the measurements provide a high level of accuracy. This clothing is suitable for everyday use, ecological, washable, breathable and comfortable to wear. The ergonomically shaped measuring device, disguised as a beloved ladybird, fits hygienically and child-friendly on clothing, sits and stays close to the body in the right position for reliable functionality.

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Frequently asked questions about MARy by sticklett


You can download the app multiple times and use it with multiple smartphones.


Mary is soft and ergonomically shaped and adapts to the body so that it is not perceived as a foreign object when worn. Your child can sleep on their belly without being disturbed by Mary.

However, if you don't want your baby to sleep on belly position, Mary can call you on your smartphone as soon as your baby rolls over onto its belly. According to studies, stomach sleeping, especially in babies, can increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.


The beetle will hold firmly to the garment if it is properly attached.

Mary should generally not be used as a toy. Since Mary was developed to be very child-friendly, she naturally entices them to play. We have therefore come up with a little story that can be lovingly explained to the child, Mary. This story with Mary is delivered to you as a small picture book and can be read aloud during the bedtime story ritual. Mary is supposed to be a little ladybug friend for children who looks after them at night or when they are not feeling well and calls their parents immediately when they need her. We tested the story with many children. In our testing, the children were happy to have Mary looking after them and Mary voluntarily stayed on the garment.


It makes no difference whether the sensor is 1m away or directly on the chest area. The radiation is present. The sensors in the ladybug are medically certified and it is sent to the station via Bluetooth Low Energy (Class 3 - medically accepted). Mary has been checked and tested and found not to be harmful to health. The radiation emitted by the ladybug is much lower compared to conventional baby monitors on the market.


We developed Mary based on our own problem. I, Michaela Schicho - founder and inventor of Mary - would not describe myself as a helicopter mom, but rather a practical person. We live in a technological age in which technology constantly accompanies us in everyday life and also makes it easier.

We thought a lot with Mary and, together with parents, pediatricians and medical research institutes, selected really relevant fields of application in which Mary is helpful to parents and children and can provide meaningful support in the often challenging everyday lives.

Mary is not intended to stage total surveillance, but simply offers useful support in everyday parental care.

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