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Body temperature, breathing monitoring & babyphone
MARY by sticklett is an innovative and stylish accessory, in the shape of a ladybird, that seamlessly combines functionality and fashion. Perfect for the modern, dynamic lifestyle, MARY offers an elegant solution to promote a healthy lifestyle with prevention.
Through continuous monitoring of vital signs, it enables early detection of sleep apnoea, infections, sleep disorders and supports the development of the immune system. This relieves parents, ensures calmer nights and promotes the well-being of satisfied and happy children.

With its minimalist design and high-quality workmanship, it is not only a practical companion, but also a fashion statement. Ideal for those who value comfort and style, MARY by sticklett is a must-have that makes everyday life with young children easier while adding a fashionable and health-conscious touch.

You have a 2-year warranty and support.

Information about the ladybug:

Weight: 22g
Texture: Soft and ergonomic
Material: 50% cotton, 50% polyester
Design: Integrated sensor unit with medical sensors coated with medical-grade silicone, sewn-on Velcro area on the back for fastening
Care: Washable (without sensor unit)
Battery life: up to 5 days
Energy source: Wirelessly inductively rechargeable

Information about the receiver/transmitter station with QI wireless charging function:

Weight: 178g
Material: BPA free plastic
Design: With stand for standing, device for inductive charging of the ladybird with sensor unit
Communication: Receives the data from the sensor unit via Bluetooth Low Energy (Class 3) and sends it to the smartphone via the mobile Internet (no WiFi required)
Data transmission: encrypted & anonymized
Power source: 5VDC power supply

Information about the wrap body:

-Skin-friendly organic natural fiber
-Completely openable
-Double button placket in the body crotch for lengthening
-Fine gathering at the back for optimal fit
-Durable and stays in shape
-With scratch protection on the sleeves
-Contact area on the inside for attaching the ladybug


We understand your excitement about the new products and want you to have them in your hands as quickly as possible. That's why we do everything we can to process and ship your order within 1-2 working days - Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

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Free delivery EU-wide

Delivery time:
Austria: 1 - 2 working days
EU and International: 3 - 5 working days

Contents of the box:
1x ladybird application with sensor unit
1x laundry bag
1x receiver/transmitter station with QI wireless charging function
1x Micro-USB power cable (power supply not included)
1x user manual
1x mini picture book to read aloud

Depending on the scope of delivery selected:
- the box does not contain any clothing, or
- 1x wrap body available in sizes 50 -92

Additional bodysuits and changes of clothing can be easily ordered online and via the APP

The MARY by sticklett smartphone APP can be downloaded free of charge from the Appstore for IOS and Playstore for Android.

MARY by sticklett S2 - the smart ladybird
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Watch the video and discover how easy it is to use “MARY by Sticklett”.

  • Atemüberwachung


    This sophisticated device monitors your baby's breathing, offers you real-time updates and reliably alerts you if there are unusually long pauses in breathing. So you can sleep peacefully every night, knowing that your little one is under benevolent supervision.

  • regelmäßig temperatur messen


    Our intelligent ladybug "MARY by sticklett" revolutionizes the way you monitor your child's body temperature. With precise and continuous temperature monitoring, you can always keep an eye on your little one's well-being without waking them from their sleep. If the temperature rises unexpectedly high, you will immediately receive a notification on your smartphone.

  • Baby freundlich


    Avoid the risk of prone sleeping, a key factor in SIDS. With "MARY by sticklett" you are always one step ahead: The intelligent detection informs you immediately via the intuitive app if your child turns on their stomach while sleeping or if your child is sleepwalking. Ensure the best possible safety for your child - even when you are sleeping yourself.

  • App für Babyphone


    Our advanced system "MARY by sticklett" is characterized by its innovative motion detection, which carefully registers when your child wakes up and becomes active. Even if your little one gets up quietly and unnoticed, "MARY by sticklett" immediately sends an alarm to your smartphone. This instant alert helps prevent potential dangers and ensures you are always one step ahead to ensure your child's safety.

smartes Marienkäfer Wearable wacht auf Unterhemd während Kind schläft. Erfasst Temperatur, Atmung und Bewegungsverhalten

Your other advantages:

  • Easy to take with you, not tied to a place to sleep
  • Unrestricted reach within the EU
  • Simple and intuitive handling
  • Can be used with multiple smartphones
  • High wearing comfort

Benefit from MARY by Sticklett in the long term

The smart ladybug offers you and your child valuable support until the immune system fully matures (around the age of 10).


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Frequently asked questions about MARY by sticklett

Why does MARY work with her own clothes?

Our research showed that close physical contact and the position of the measuring device on the body determine the accuracy and reliability of the measured values.

Attachments using adhesive strips and straps are not suitable for children and are unthinkable for us. Attaching to traditional clothing or diapers that loosely fit the body is too prone to errors.

Based on this achievement, we chose the approach in combination with sleepwear and underwear that includes a special cut construction so that the measured values ​​provide a high level of accuracy and the clothing remains suitable for everyday use, ecological, washable, breathable and comfortable to wear. The ergonomically shaped measuring device, disguised as a beloved ladybug, fits hygienically and child-friendly on clothing, sits and stays close to the body in the correct position and ensures reliable functionality.

My child is a stomach sleeper: Does the ladybug bother my child when he sleeps?


Mary is soft and ergonomically shaped and adapts to the body so that it is not perceived as a foreign body when worn. Your child can sleep on their stomach without being disturbed by Mary.

However, if you don't want your baby to sleep on your stomach, MARY can call you via your smartphone as soon as your baby rolls over onto its stomach. According to studies, stomach sleeping, especially in babies, can increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

My child sleeps very restlessly. Can the ladybug fall while moving?


The beetle will hold firmly to the garment if it is properly attached.

I'm afraid my child will start playing with the ladybug and take it off his clothes. What can I do?

Mary should generally not be used as a toy. Since Mary was developed to be very child-friendly, she naturally entices them to play. We have therefore come up with a little story that can be lovingly explained to the child, Mary. This story with Mary is delivered to you as a small picture book and can be read aloud during the bedtime story ritual. Mary is supposed to be a little ladybug friend for children who looks after them at night or when they are not feeling well and calls their parents immediately when they need her. We tested the story with many children. In our testing, the children were happy to have Mary looking after them and Mary voluntarily stayed on the garment.

Is MARY a concern because the sensors are directly on the chest area?


It makes no difference whether the sensor is 1m away or directly on the chest area. The radiation is present. The sensors in the ladybug are medically certified and it is sent to the station via Bluetooth Low Energy (Class 3 - medically accepted). Mary has been checked and tested and found not to be harmful to health. The radiation emitted by the ladybug is much lower compared to conventional baby monitors on the market.

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Das tolle ist, dass auch die Körpertemperatur gemessen wird, das ist echt praktisch.

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