MARY by sticklett

MARY by sticklett

One worry less.
With MARY by sticklett your child will sleep protected and safe
... and you too, thanks to sticklett's award-winning technology.

You always have the following measurements in view and will be informed in an emergency:

1) Breath monitoring
Mary by sticklett constantly monitors your child's breathing movements and informs you immediately if irregularities occur or your child suddenly stops breathing

2) Temperature measurement
With our smart ladybird you can easily monitor your child's body temperature. You always have an eye on the temperature behavior and will be informed immediately via the app if there is a high rise.

3) Prone position detection
Mary by sticklett detects when your child rolls over onto their belly while sleeping. You can be notified about this via the app.

4) Baby monitor function
Mary by sticklett uses its movement behavior to recognize when your child is awake and immediately sends you a signal to your smartphone.

Safe & reliable with no false alarms

With the compatible clothing, the ladybird always sits in the right position, close to the body. This is the only way vital functions can be recorded correctly and reliably. The Mary by sticklett collection offers you the best wearing comfort, grows with your child and includes the following product categories from 0 - 10 years:


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