smartes Babyphone mit Körpertemperatur und Atemüberwachung
smartes Marienkäfer Wearable wacht auf Unterhemd während Kind schläft. Erfasst Temperatur, Atmung und Bewegungsverhalten
Induktive Ladestation für smarten Marienkäfer
Babyphone ohne Kamera und Ton erkennt über Bewegungsmelder wenn Kind munter wird und aufsteht smarter Marienkäfer Mary
Anzeige der Daten in Echtzeit via Smartphone App. Historische Datenauswertung
Mary by sticklett S2 - ALL in ONE baby monitor with body temperature and breathing monitoring "CLASSIC Edition"
Mary ist ein Marienkäfer der auf die sticklett Klediung angeklettet wird udn auf die Vitaldaten von Babys und Kinder misst
das innovative und kleinste Babyphone für mehr Sicherheit beim Schlafen
Atemkontrolle Atemüberwachung Atemwächter Atmung bei Babys überwachen

Mary by sticklett S2 - ALL in ONE baby monitor with body temperature and breathing monitoring "CLASSIC Edition"

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  • worldwide access from smartphone to MARY
  • including free smartphone APP
  • An e-health wearable as a ladybird
  • Quality from Austria


Our smart ladybird "MARY by sticklett" offers you 4 functions that will help you sleep more peacefully at night:

breathing monitoring

Mary by sticklett constantly monitors your child's breathing movements and informs you immediately if irregularities occur or your child suddenly stops breathing.

temperature measurement

With our smart ladybug you can easily monitor your child's body temperature. You always have an eye on the temperature behavior and will be informed immediately via the app if there is a high rise.

prone position detection

Mary by sticklett detects when your child rolls over onto their stomach while sleeping. You can be notified about this via the app.

baby monitor function

Mary by sticklett uses its movement behavior to recognize when your child is alert and immediately sends you a signal to your smartphone.

Information about the ladybug application with sensor unit:

Weight: 22g
Texture: Soft and ergonomic
Material: 50% cotton, 50% polyester
Design: Integrated sensor unit with medical sensors coated with medical-grade silicone, sewn-on Velcro area on the back for fastening
Care: Washable (without sensor unit) in a laundry bag.
Battery life: up to 5 days
Energy source: Wirelessly inductively rechargeable

Information about the receiver/transmitter station with QI wireless charging function:

Weight: 178g
Material: BPA free plastic
Design: With stand for standing, device for inductive charging of the ladybird with sensor unit
Communication: Receives the data from the sensor unit via Bluetooth Low Energy (Class 3) and sends it to the smartphone via GSM-SIM
Data transmission: encrypted & anonymized
Power source: 5VDC power supply


Contents of the box:

  • 1x ladybug application with sensor unit
  • 1x laundry bag
  • 1x receiver/transmitter station with QI wireless charging function
  • 1x Micro-USB power cable (power supply not included)
  • 1x user manual
  • 1x mini picture book to read aloud

Attention: No clothing item is included . You can choose your favorite piece yourself from the extensive range of the Mary by sticklett collection.

The Mary by sticklett smartphone APP can be downloaded free of charge from the Appstore and Playstore for IOS and Android.







Unsere Forschungsarbeiten zeigten das Körperkontakt und Position des Messgeräts am Körper über die Genauigkeit der Messwerte entscheiden.

Befestigungen mittels Klebestreifen und Gurte sind für Kinder nicht geeignet und sind für uns undenkbar. Das Anbringen an einer herkömmlichen Kleidung oder an Windeln, die lose den Körper umgeben, ist zu fehleranfällig.

Auf Basis dieser Errungenschaft wählten wir den Ansatz in Kombination mit einer Schlaf- und Unterbekleidung, die eine spezielle Schnittkonstruktion beinhaltet, sodass die Messwerte eine hohe Genauigkeit liefern. Diese Kleidung ist alltagstauglich, ökologisch, waschbar, atmungsaktiv und bequem im Tragekomfort. Das ergonomisch geformte Messgerät, getarnt als geliebter Marienkäfer fügt sich hygienisch und kinderfreundlich an der Kleidung ein, sitzt und bleibt eng am Körper an der richtigen Position für eine zuverlässige Funktionsweise.

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Frequently asked questions about MARy by sticklett


You can download the app multiple times and use it with multiple smartphones.


Mary is soft and ergonomically shaped and adapts to the body so that it is not perceived as a foreign object when worn. Your child can sleep on their belly without being disturbed by Mary.

However, if you don't want your baby to sleep on belly position, Mary can call you on your smartphone as soon as your baby rolls over onto its belly. According to studies, stomach sleeping, especially in babies, can increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.


The beetle will hold firmly to the garment if it is properly attached.

Mary should generally not be used as a toy. Since Mary was developed to be very child-friendly, she naturally entices them to play. We have therefore come up with a little story that can be lovingly explained to the child, Mary. This story with Mary is delivered to you as a small picture book and can be read aloud during the bedtime story ritual. Mary is supposed to be a little ladybug friend for children who looks after them at night or when they are not feeling well and calls their parents immediately when they need her. We tested the story with many children. In our testing, the children were happy to have Mary looking after them and Mary voluntarily stayed on the garment.


It makes no difference whether the sensor is 1m away or directly on the chest area. The radiation is present. The sensors in the ladybug are medically certified and it is sent to the station via Bluetooth Low Energy (Class 3 - medically accepted). Mary has been checked and tested and found not to be harmful to health. The radiation emitted by the ladybug is much lower compared to conventional baby monitors on the market.


We developed Mary based on our own problem. I, Michaela Schicho - founder and inventor of Mary - would not describe myself as a helicopter mom, but rather a practical person. We live in a technological age in which technology constantly accompanies us in everyday life and also makes it easier.

We thought a lot with Mary and, together with parents, pediatricians and medical research institutes, selected really relevant fields of application in which Mary is helpful to parents and children and can provide meaningful support in the often challenging everyday lives.

Mary is not intended to stage total surveillance, but simply offers useful support in everyday parental care.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
A great thing, thank you keep it up!

I bought Mary about a year ago because I wanted to sleep peacefully again when my child was finally asleep. Because this is the only way I can be there for my child with energy. Mary gives me the reassuring feeling of not leaving my child alone. With Mary, I was no longer afraid that my child might stop breathing unnoticed. Mary also comes in handy when taking my child's temperature when he has a flu-like infection. It also helped me with a sudden high rise in body temperature. My child had this once after a vaccination. Mary informed me in good time and I was able to avoid a febrile seizure. I now use the integrated baby monitor function more and more. This reacts automatically when my child gets up without making a sound during the night. My little one currently has a habit of secretly watching TV in the middle of the night...
Mary is definitely worth the money and she is our favorite heroine. I can easily take them with me e.g. on vacation or at my parents' house and I'm not tied to a specific place to sleep. We will definitely continue to use Mary until she is of primary school age. By the way, the compatible clothing is a dream and you can wear it for a really long time thanks to the cool growth functions. I would happily recommend Mary by sticklett.

Bianca B.
Helpful and reassuring

I love the wrap bodysuits - top quality and handling the Mariabug is not difficult. At the beginning it took me a little time to understand the individual functions. I also find the body temperature setting practical. If the temperature rises, I get an alarm. That's really reassuring.

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